i was 15
It was in Ray Himel’s basement. On a Yardbirds record. Rocking guitar. Wailing harp. Raspy, gaspy Keith Relf. Smokestack Lightning. Live. Loud. And driven by a whisper: “This? Yeah it’s alright. But you ain’t seen me!”

four years later
... and that whisper exploded on stage in a roar. The Wolf! Hulking. Horrifying. Indescribable. Exhaling every note like a violent, dying breath to the rumble of what Rock and Roll must’ve been before those greasy Southern boys made it safe for White folks. The mighty Howlin’ Wolf took me and shook me and I never got enough: Willie Dixon, Otis Rush, Jimmy Rogers... every weekend. Because this was Chicago, and you could seen ‘em all. I met Muddy Waters outside his backstage bathroom at a place called Alice’s.

in 1973
I’ve written movies, TV shows and plays about the Blues. It’s not all I’ve done. There’s Clarence Clemons, Joan Jett, Oprah and Falwell vs. Flynt. There’s Kama Sutra and my old pal Hannukatz. But the Blues is in my blood. I guess ‘cause I was born in Chicago. In a basement on Francisco... behind the under-21 rope on Belmont... and on a coffeehouse floor on Wrightwood.

Enjoy the pics, the vids, the stories and the tunes. And learn the Blues. It’s our history. It’s our music...
its chicago baby


muddy and terry

hear terry