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I’ve written a lot of songs and collaborated with some pretty amazing people. Sometimes, I just wrote the words. Sometimes, I’d sing my words, approximating a melody for someone who made it all come alive. Some of my collaborators are famous; some of those who aren’t famous oughta be: Nick Sanabria, Jack Jacobs, Derrick Procell, Ken Melville, Patrick Jude, Kenny Mazur, Steve Wiebe, Buddy Reeder, Michael Carlson, Charlie Silliman. The list, like the beat, goes on. Click any song to sample.


1Unk in Funk, sung by Muddy Waters, co-written by Muddy and Ted Kurland, who gave us the title (the story’s in the book). Unk In Funk - Unk In Funk

Electric Man, sung and co-written by Muddy Waters, inspired by Not-Totally Blind Jim Brewer as we drove home from a gig with George Thorogood. Electric Man - Unk In Funk


  4Just Lust, co-written by Rick Nowels for a 1984 girls’ prison movie I was hired to re-write, “Jailbait Rock.”  But since no-one saw the movie, we ran it by Joan Jett who dug it. Just Lust - Good Music

2Bus Driver, sung and co-written by Muddy, produced by Johnny Winter and featuring Johnny and Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin on guitars and James Cotton on harp. The album won a Grammy, and my song was in the right place at the right time. Bus Driver - Hard Again
5Build Me a Man, co-written, performed and produced by Jan James and Craig Calvert, two old and dear pals. Check out all their stuff on the web. But first,take off  your shoes. Build Me a Man - Limousine Blues

3A Man in Love, co-written by Clarence Clemons, Desmond Child and producer Ralph Schuckett. Performed by CC and the Red Bank Rockers. A Man In Love - Rescue

Shoot Down the Moon, co-written by Ralph Schukett, performed by CC & the Red Bank Rockers. Bumped off the album by Bruce Springsteen’s “Savin’ Up.”

6Champs Again, the official fight song of  the 1974 Boston Celtics, co-written by Herb Feuerstein and recorded by George Thorogood & the Original Delaware Destroyers, Ron Smith and Jeff Simon, under the name “The Boston Basketball Band.” George wouldn’t use his real  name because he said he’d be famous one day. But Herb and I got season tix, and George got to make a record. The full story plus a photo of the record-possibly his first - are in the book.

chaulk line


levisI wrote these - words and melody - for Levi’s Jeans in the early 1980’s. Each was created specifically for the artist/artists who performed them. They were all arranged and produced by Rick Nowels. That’s Rick and me with George and Joe Chambers.   7 8 9